Calm from Clutter is an inspiring business, based in north London, offering practical and emotional decluttering with organisational support, including interior design and home styling, across all of London and the UK.

Since 2005 our personal and professional coaching service has been helping free our clients from mental and physical clutter. With a unique blend of practicality, empathy and encouragement, we can really make those shifts happen.

So don’t put off dealing with your clutter any longer, discover the benefits of decluttering and make an appointment today.


Calm from Clutter is part of Ministry of Calm


Calm from Clutter is a member of APDO and works within their code of ethics.


This process needs trust in order to work, so I commit to keeping everything absolutely confidential, and I will never discuss our work or pass your details on to any third party. It’s up to if you want disclose to others that we’re working together. I occasionally ask for consent to take photos for marketing purposes, in this case your privacy will always be respected.


Your personal possessions and any blocks or patterns that have evolved for any reason are unique to you; my job is to help you to clear them away and never to judge you. It is your home and your things, my role is to support, guide and encourage you.

“Helen handled me with superhuman tact – she never judges. While occasionally she would tease me in a sisterly way, she never riled me and she handled my tantrums gracefully. She’s a good motivator. She has a great mix of firmness, practicality and compassion.”


Advice and suggestions

All advice or suggestions I may give are just that. You make every decision about what to keep or discard, and where to send unwanted items. I’m not there to force you to let go of things that are important to you.

Sometimes I may be challenging if we find you’re resisting change. Remember that this is why you have asked for my help.

I do not take away any items myself or provide valuations.

I may recommend the services of other professionals when appropriate

Terms and conditions